Mixit History

Mixit was initiated by The Fledgling Trust and began in 2005 with an intensive research and networking stage. This included trips to the UK, which established ongoing partnerships with similar projects based in London. Under the umbrella of Fledgling practical sessions began in Feb 2006 and have been running ever since.

Between 2006 and 2011 Mixit operated every Saturday of the school term from TAPAC (The Ak Performing Arts Centre). Intensive site-specific performance projects were also mounted every summer. Hundreds of Mixers have passed through the project gaining an expanded circle of friends and networks, support to take on the challenges of life, increased confidence, skills and capacity to successfully integrate into new communities and many have moved on to positive and exciting futures.

The Youth Leadership programme evolved in 2009.

In 2012 Mixit re-located to Corban Estate Arts Centre and now shares an office space with two other performing arts organisations: Atamira Dance Company and Red Leap Theatre. Artists from these two companies are regular guests on Mixit projects.

The Mixit Charitable Trust was established in 2012.


Mixit Charitable Trust

The Mixit Charitable Trust was established as a non-profit trust to specifically support youth at community level and to guide the vision of the Mixit Project. Its commitment is to further cultural, educational and empowerment opportunities for young people with refugee backgrounds and to assist their positive integration into NZ communities. It supports programmes that bring together a multi-cultural diversity of young people and which use creativity as the means to increase self-confidence, improve communication skills and support inter-cultural understanding.

The Mixit Trust firmly believes in the power of non-judgemental and inclusive creative platforms to assist young people find hope, optimism and resilience in order to courageously move on with their lives.


Felix Becroft + Alam Johnson Otimai Retreat 2006

Wendy Preston with Grace + Tina Johnson at first ever Mixit session, Wesley Centre 2006

Mary Dawson, Amina Daud and Meteku Dereje Otimai Retreat 2006