Journeys across the room

We continued our exploration of acrobatics last Saturday – this time focusing on travelling through space.

We started the day off with some sweet Azonto, which left everyone smiling.

Some cool lifts emerged, especially when seeing how we could propel someone across the room while getting them into the air.

It was also interesting to play with some different music genres and see how they informed our movement expression.

Sadly for us it was long time Youth Leader Fardowsa’s last day with Mixit before she heads off to Dunedin to study medicine. She has been an incredible, strong, joyous presence within the Mixit family and she will be missed. However! She goes on to great things and Dunedin is one lucky city to have her. I would have her as my doctor any day.

Here is a link to her blog, she’s a pretty clever lady.


  1. Hey guys, Fardowsa here. I’d just like to thank you for your kind message. I’m gonna miss Mixit soo much! The amazing friends, workers and Wendy. You have all been so incredibly kind to me, and my life would be a whole lot sadder without you. I cannot even begin to describe how Mixit has changed my life. Mixit made me who I want to be. Thank you all so much, we’re doing a beautiful thing!

  2. Hey Fardowsa, just want to say again; Best of luck for every single step ahead of u. Thank u so much for being such a wonderful friend…love u!!!

  3. GOOD LUCK Fardowsa! 🙂

  4. hw do i joine mixit group

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