The last week of term 3!

So, at last, dance and drama got married and lived happily ever after.

It has been fun watching them come together, shake hands, get dressed up and fight over chairs.

Thank you Tama and Justin for being so great – we can’t wait to have you guys at Mixit again in the future.

Justin and team Mixit

Frantic Hands

For Justin’s second session last Saturday we played with an exercise called ‘Frantic Hands’, developed by the world famous theatre company Frantic Assembly.

It led to some great little duets, which we then combined in groups of four. It was cool seeing the stories and characters come out of the stylised movement. “Dacting” at it’s best!

Justin Haiu’s first week

Last Saturday was Justin’s first week taking over from Tama to continue when ‘dance meets drama and gets married.’

After exploring some funny ways you can start clowning through a simple handshake, we got back into our characters and developed some cool movement/acting sequences.

Here’s some snaps of all the fun we had…

Playing with exaggerated handshakes

Justin shows us his best old man impression

Mixit website launch!

On Saturday, after a great first session with Justin Haiu, we had a launch party for our brilliant new website.

All the Mixers were in costumes hosting the event as the characters they have been developing over the last couple of weeks. There were a few dramatic sequences involving some chairs, a lip-sync battle, and an big old Azonto dance off. It was awesome.


Dancing for the audience

Tama’s last class

Last Saturday was Tama’s last session for the term. We will miss him and his wooden spoon.

Some pretty great characters have emerged. We can’t wait to see how they start moving with Justin Haiu next week.

Here is a little taster…

Zoe the Princess

Zoe the Princess

Hana and Ali

Hana the Beggar and Ali the Old


Ibrahim the Sneaky

Queenly Nicole

Mira the Hobbit and Graciano the Wizard

Graciano the Wizard and Felix the French Frog