The Team

Mohammed Aljamal


Mohammed Aljamal is an energetic, disciplined personality. An inspiration to his immediate peers, Mohammed is very focused on his prime passion which is soccer. And rightly so because he is succeeding well in this area. Originally born in Iraq, then arriving in Aotearoa at the age of 17. His first concrete memories of life in New Zealand was going on a school trip and riding a horse for the first time. Although he does categorically state that “A donkey is better!” Mohammed is confident and wants to better himself in the English language, and sees academic study as a great tool to do that. Like many teenagers his age, he loves to listen to Justin Bieber, and also enjoys listening to Arabic house music. Mohammed says “Mixit is about freedom, like a second family- I have fun, and I like to talk to people because it improves my English.” He is a valuable asset to the Mixit project and his enthusiasm and energy combined with his focus will definitely propel him to greater heights in the near future.


Kaviesha Abeysinghe

FORMER Mixit Youth Leader

Kaviesha Abeysinghe is currently studying Chemistry at university. Her family arrived from Sri Lanka to New Zealand a few years ago. She keeps herself quite busy with her school work and also with Mixit which is a major part of her life. She is a keen and enthusiastic traditional Sri Lankan dancer often performing at different events around Auckland city. Kaviesha happily claims she is an understudy to her mother on how to make “the best Sri Lankan curry possible !”With a positive attitude, she poignantly points out that she wants to maximise her opportunities in New Zealand, for employment or higher education. For her, Mixit is about “Being who I am, expressing myself, and being motivated.” Something definitely Kaviesha imbues in the way she carries and conducts herself, hence why she is an excellent addition to the Youth Leader Programme.




Graciano Aganze

FORMER Mixit Youth Leader

Graciano Aganze is originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo. He is a young budding entrepreneur, a skill that sees him organising different cultural events for his community and puts him at the forefront of being a youth community leader. When he’s not busy making things happen, he likes to get into the kitchen and cook his favourite meal of roast chicken and veggies for his sisters! From a love of hanging out at the beach to watching his favourite show “The Big Bang Theory”, he’s constantly engaged in Mixit, and is a key positive contributor and believes that Mixit is about bringing people together in a positive joyful environment. One of the other many hats that he wears is as an aspiring electrician, and his passion for this is evident in that he is a go getter with a very bright future.