The Team

Mixit has a dynamic Youth Leadership programme. This programme offers motivated individuals an opportunity to step up into roles where they are challenged to take on organisational and planning responsibilities, gain experience of creative facilitation skills, manage the digital media aspects of the project, have the opportunity and support to initiate events and projects that inspire them. The Youth Leaders are an integral and dynamic team within Mixit and work hard together to make a difference.

Munashe Tapfuya



Munashe is a confident Zimbabwean woman who lights up the room with a big smile and a warm personality. Currently she is in her 2nd year of drama school and is an aspiring actress. You cannot mistake the drive and passion she has for her craft, and this is evident when she is on the Mixit floor as a keen participant. “ I’m an old fashioned girl at heart…. and I value and cherish the traditions that I have learnt from my family which include love of family and my faith in God.” But that’s not all that there is to her. With hobbies that include dancing , basketball and keeping in shape,  Munashe is eager to get out into the world and travel , but still be able to pursue her dreams of being an actress…” And maybe one day I can own my own home and settle down and get married.”

Hana Mender



Hana was born and raised in Sudan, although originally her parents are from Eritrea.She has been living in New Zealand for the last 6 years, having arrived in 2008. “When I came to Mixit I was shy and not into performing, but after a while, I started noticing changes in my confidence.”Currently Hana is a student at AUT studying Health Science, which she says keeps her quite busy and in fact, hardly has any spare time nowadays, but when she does she likes to explore her interest in photography.“Mixit has taught me the practicality of time management , and also of study and of work in achieving my goals and following through on my ideas.” In 2008 she saw a Mixit presentation at her high school and at that time, could not speak to anyone because she didn’t know any English, then she joined Mixit in 2010 and it helped her immensely to speak better English. In her room, Hana has inspirational quotes that help her stay focused. One of them is “Knowledge is Power.” Another is “Train hard win easy.” She believes that if you work hard now, it will pay off later in life.


Past Youth Leaders

oscar arnold / kevin chen / Christelle Ibambasi / Ibraheem al jamal / solomon gak / kaviesha abeysinghe / hana mender / Mohammed Al Jamal / munashe tapfuya / Baraka Mender / Brook Shiferaw / Felix Becroft / Divya Hariharan / graciano aganze /
George Wallace / Karima Madut / Kevin Uwimana / Mohamed Muse /
Seydou Cisse / Su’ad Muse / FARDOWSA MOHAMMED