A new era for Mixit is coming!

Once again it’s time to mix it up and jump forward with fresh energy and ideas. We wish to acknowledge Tahi Mapp-Borren, her wonderful creativity and thoughtful contribution to the growth of Mixit over 8 years. She’s not leaving but is shifting sideways to be a guest artist and an active champion.

A new era for Mixit is coming!

"I found my creative and cultural ‘fit’ with Mixit - valuing process, participation and gutsy creativity. It has been confirmed for me over and over again in this role; that by reaching across our differences and through playful collaboration, this is how we can grow stronger together. It is my absolute belief that from these many simple beginnings great things happen." - Tahi

As Tahi steps aside this clears the space for Mel Bailey — our new Mixit Programme Leader!

Mel first came onboard Mixit as a creative intern for our summer TEN Year Anniversary project in 2016 and has been returning as a guest artist ever since. He has training in performing and screen arts and has worked in the theatre and film scene - both on stage and behind the camera. He’s a member of the Little Village collective who focus on collaboration and creating quality hip hop music.

"There's nothing I find more satisfying than to connect with young people through art and inspire them to pursue their dreams." - Mel

Given the crazy variable of levels and lockdowns we are hoping for a big shout out and send off for Tahi and a welcome to Mel — in true Mixit styles — on Sat Oct 2nd at 2pm.

How and where will be confirmed ASAP and YOU’RE ALL INVITED!

Keep watching the Mixit social media posts for an update, so you can join us to celebrate both Tahi and Mel.

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