Mixit Online

Mixit Programme Leader Tahi gives us the lowdown on Mixit Online

Mixit Online

Stepping inside our front doors to meet the imperative of a lockdown bubble, we as artists, facilitators, youth leaders, alumni and participants lifted our gaze beyond our own four walls to discover together how to make Mixit for ourselves online.

And what a beautiful opportunity this has been to reach out to our community, to be empowered, and to support each other. To keep meeting distance with connection in all the ways available to us in this age of tech. Looking forward always towards bridging exclusion, isolation, and fear in real everyday ways.

Our online program provided a robust forum to express the strangeness of our situation for some and for others to share the familiarity of the situation of lockdown.

To be able to have continuity of routine in this way, a safe place to share tips on how to cope, or to be distracted by laughing, getting creative and socialising, was a powerful remedy to the stresses and challenges being faced. Youth Leaders met their responsibilities along with their personal remote learning circumstances with resilience, and are thrilled to be back with their teachers at Level 2. Very much looking forward to getting together in the same space on a Sat Mixit Session for a hard out game of four square!

Restriction can be a powerful creative tool, myself and colleagues in the youth education space have been exploring the relationship between virtual gatherings and face to face experiences. A blended approach opens new ways to reach beyond Auckland engage youth across NZ. This blended approach also presents possibilities of locating Mixit both locally and globally. Mixers will be able to join the dots; with past Alumni who are living overseas, with creative practitioners who are aligned to the project, and with NZ artists based out of Auckland, this ease of access provided by virtual platforms encourages a strong integrated community of support and inspirational relationships for our mixers.

If you'd like to join us for our weekly online programme at 2pm, or know someone who would email [email protected]

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