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Alumni Design Series - T-shirts by Izadine Abdallah

Izadine, one of the Alumni squad members, is the first to pitch his idea for the Alumni Design Series. Together with the Mixit team and some professional mentorship with our designer, we now have cool T-shirts to flaunt and make available for purchase.

What’s great is that every cent from each sale goes back into the enterprise. Your support will enable more opportunities and growth for the alumni. We can dream bigger and do more for other young people because this initiative will be run by youth for youth.

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Small = Body width 47cm, Length 71cm

Medium = Body width 52cm, Length 75cm

Large = Body width 56.5cm, Length 78.5cm

XLarge = Body width 61cm, Length 82cm

XXXLarge = Body width 68cm, Length 85cm

NZD $45.00

The Mixit Story

The book Mixit: It's All of Us draws on the voices of participating rangatahi, their families and artists, together with our Project Director Wendy Preston. In their own words they explain the context, challenges and triumphs of the programme’s first twelve years.

This book tells the Mixit story and celebrates a phenomenally successful project that has touched the lives of thousands of people.

NZD $47.00