Alumni Success Stories: Dr Brook Shiferaw

Each month we catch up with one of our Alumni to see what they're up to now and acknowledge their continuing connection to Mixit

Alumni Success Stories: Dr Brook Shiferaw

Brook was at the heart of Mixit during the first 6 years, connecting with the project as a young woman in the initial research phase during 2005, then going on to establish the role of Project Co-Ordinator, standing beside Wendy developing the potential from the ground up. From her early start as a Fine Arts student she has since soared into the realms of science and has recently graduated with a PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience.

As a post-doctoral research fellow, she’s working in a psychopharmacology lab in Melbourne examining the effect of prescription and recreational drugs on cognitive performance. When she considers the future, she’s aware that, like it or not, it will be significantly automated and she’s interested in how to optimise the human aspects of human-machine interaction. When she’s not working away, her downtime is blissfully spent pottering around growing bonsai trees. She will forever be a much-loved contributor to Mixit who always has our back and readily supports any young Mixers should they end up in Melbourne.

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