Alumni Training Retreat

In January 2021 we held our first ever Mixit Alumni training retreat. Outreach Activator Munashe Tapfuya reports back here

Alumni Training Retreat

The 2021 Mixit Alumni Training retreat took place at the Bella Rakha Retreat Center in West Auckland. With 9 Alumni participating this year, there was a great energy on the floor and participants took ownership of ownership of all squad related work.

“The great thing also was the fact that we were pioneers and worked collectively to carry out the entire outreach.” Ilham Akhlaqi - Alumni Squad

To create that culture of confidence amongst every individual meant finding ways to work as a collective in identifying what it means to be an Alumni and part of the squad, understanding Mixit’s core foundations and values, having opportunities to practice facilitating a creative task to our peers and receiving feedback, and beginning to illuminate a pathway of opportunities beyond the training.

“Doing small sessions during the training really helped me to move forward because it gave me the confidence of “I can do it” and also seeing different people doing the session gave me the idea of doing the session in different ways.” Iknur Ozbal - Alumni Squad

Our 3 day residence was packed with sessions that encouraged creativity, fun, thinking outside the box and team bonding, as well as individual and team reflections that filtered into night focuses. This enabled us to discover our potential vocabulary for facilitation under the Mixit banner. These discussions revealed the greater scope of roles and skills needed beyond the facilitating of workshops. Our squad is now excited at the prospect of using other existing life skills such as account management or graphic design (to name a couple) as part of their professional development within the organisation.

“The training as a whole equipped us with a growing basket of tools, games and exercises, as well as connected us to a network of expertise, that we can take to facilitate Mixit style workshops throughout the country.” Oscar Arnold - Alumni Squad

Opportunities always spring up and we can harness our talents as well as our newly gained skills to support former refugee and migrant youth across Aotearoa.

“Representing and being an ambassador in public presentations that gives light to what we do in Mixit - tautoko” Ray Santiago - Alumni Squad

Alumni Training Retreat Alumni Training Retreat Alumni Training Retreat Alumni Training Retreat

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