Mixit in Hamilton

In the July school holidays we took Mixit on the road for a 3 day workshop in Hamilton.

Mixit in Hamilton

In July Mixit had the opportunity to reach out to young people beyond Auckland for the first time. As part of our ongoing Strategic Development, and with the support of Creative New Zealand, we embarked on a process to firstly undertake some intensive creative facilitation training with our awesome Alumni squad and together consider how to build a dynamic workshop package that shares a satisfying experience of Mixit. Five Alumni, with the support of Director Wendy Preston, led an inspiring 3-day workshop in Hamilton. A multi-ethnic group of 24 young people, with the backing of several Hamilton organisations, came together in The Meteor Theatre and played 4-square, skipped, danced, laughed, told stories, wrote poetry and made new friends. Everyone was touched by the Mixit magic and gained confidence, found new ways to express themselves and found their moment to shine. Participant feedback from the floor included:

Mixit gave us a space where we could be free”

“We could share our culture and we could share our mentality”

“So good to be somewhere where we are not judged”

“I can try and fail – but I’m still accepted. I discovered you don’t have to be good at everything”

“This is mind-blowing and I’m so happy, happy, happy”

Hamilton was a Pilot Project with plans to build partnerships in various regions across New Zealand and unroll a series of workshops. Taking Mixit to the nation.

Mixit in Hamilton Mixit in Hamilton Mixit in Hamilton Mixit in Hamilton

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