Mixit is fundraising for a new van

Part of the magic of Mixit is, every Saturday during term time, we are able to bring together young people from all over Auckland to join in our programme. Thanks to our generous funders, and donors, it costs them nothing to attend and provides comprehensive transport support to enable access. The value young people get from being part of Mixit is immeasurable. For many, and their families, safe and secure transport to and from Mixit is essential. It gives them freedom, security and is one less thing for parents to worry about. Additionally given that our local transport system can be overwhelming, expensive and onerous for new Aucklanders, it’s a way to support young people to be part of a transformational opportunity.

Mixit is fundraising for a new van

Join the quest to reach our target

We provide our free transport service every weekend throughout the school year, during our summer projects, for leaders training retreats, along with co-ordinating pickups and drop offs across Tamaki Makaurau, in a passenger van driven by a trusted, paid driver. However, at present, this van is a rental and we only have it on Saturdays. We are unable to make use of it for our growing outreach programme with schools and community groups both in Auckland and beyond. Because it’s a rental, we also can’t wrap it with our name and images that share what we do with the world.

We would very much like to change that, by purchasing our own van in 2024.

Thanks to some incredibly generous people, many of whom are great Friends of Mixit, we've already raised $40,992.00 in donations and we’re getting close to our funding goal of $75,000.00 (which includes $5000 for sign writing needs). With that we can purchase a brand-new Toyota 10-to-12-seater Mini-bus, the most reliable option in New Zealand. We’re reaching out to Friends of Mixit who may be in a position to help. Any donation is appreciated, regardless of size. If you are able to contribute and want 100% of your donation to go to this fundraiser, here’s how:

Bank Account: 12 3232 0306053 00 Reference: “Your name and VAN”

Please email Ekta our Operations Leader, [email protected] with your donation details (date and amount) so we can send you a tax receipt for your rebate. If you would like to discuss options further, please contact Wendy (Mixit Producer) by email [email protected] or 027 5541 411.

Together, we can raise the visibility of Mixit on the streets of our city, continue providing valuable service to our Mixers, and do more vital outreach with the community.

Alternatively, you can click the BIG PURPLE donate button AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE to contribute.

We kindly request you to send an email to [email protected] with "Your name and VAN" in the subject line, so we can track your donation and thank you personally.

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We are a Charitable Trust which means that all donations of $5 or more are eligible for a tax rebate. We send out our tax donation receipts each year in April or May (just after the end of the NZ tax year) with a little update of what we've been doing for the last year.

You are welcome to make a one off donation, either by clicking on the big purple box at the top of the page, or contact us to enquire about how to pay us directly.

You can also contact us to talk about taking a more personalised approach such as contributing to a specific project, donating your time, making a generous one-off donation or becoming a volunteer driver.

Our Friends of Mixit donate regularly, this can be set up with us directly, hitting that big purple box at the top of the page, or by following this link One Percent Collective and becoming a donor with them. Please ensure you select Mixit as your reason for joining.

One Percent Collective is an amazing charity that connects people who want to give back and do good things in the community with great charities around NZ. Mixit is one of the select charities One Percent Collective thinks NZ'ers should know about. One Percent take NO percentage of the donor’s contribution, instead donating 100% to their charities.

Thanks for considering us for your support.


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