COVID-19 Vaccination Policy — effective 9 February 2022

The Mixit Charitable Trust is committed to keeping our Mixit and wider community safe in all face-to-face interactions. These interactions include but are not limited to transportation, operations, programme preparation and delivery.

COVID-19 Vaccination Policy — effective 9 February 2022

Due to the fluid COVID-19 environment and risk it represents, Mixit has established that it is mandatory for all participants, staff, drivers, guest artists, Alumni, volunteers, board members and casual visitors to be fully vaccinated against COVID, for all face-to-face interactions.

We recognise that individuals have the right to determine their own medical decisions and their rights should be acknowledged. Individuals in compromised circumstances are welcome to discuss this with Mixit’s CEO.

Mixit reserves the right to review staff appointments, substitute guest artists, drivers and volunteers and discuss individual participants circumstances in line with this policy.

Evidence of a current New Zealand My Vaccine Pass may be requested.

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