Mixit welcomes a Patron

We are delighted to announce Mixit has a new patron Neville Kaye

Mixit welcomes a Patron

Neville comes with decades of supporting former refugee families and their resettlement into New Zealand, along with years of travelling the globe and being actively involved with community service. As a young man Neville was a member of Round Table NZ and then joined the Grey Lynn Community Committee and the Grey Lynn Community Law office. He was a founding member of Reunity Trust (a support group for refugee and migrants) and spent 20 years with the organisation, including being Chair for 10 years. He then went on to become the Chair of the Refugee Council of NZ. Neville has also been involved in amateur theatre as an actor and stage manager for 40 years. He encountered Mixit in the initial research phase during 2005.

“When I first heard about the foundation of Mixit I was impressed by its aims and objectives and made a mental note to find out more about it, and perhaps to get involved with the project when time and circumstances permitted. Since then much water has flowed under various bridges, until I was subsequently invited to attend a Mixit session, which I found very professional and was impressed by the projects longevity and social impact. Subsequent discussions resulted in an agreement to offer my services as a patron, with the aim of supporting its fundraising focus."

It’s great to have Neville on board and we’re pleased that time and circumstances have now aligned for him to step in beside us.

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