The film- Voices (Summer project 2022)

Mixit- Voices (Summer project 2022)

The film- Voices (Summer project 2022)

In January 2022, Mixit held a 2-week immersive summer project with 20 participants, a production team and volunteers, and a creative leadership team of 5. The guest artists were invited to lead a process to provide a platform for the voices of the participants to be heard – what they had to say and how they wanted to say it.

A 45-minute performance outcome was created from scratch in 11 days. While building drama skills, playing hard and hot games in the field and dancing together for 2-weeks, the participants explored what it is they wished to say concerning their concerns and anxieties, along with where they find joy and thoughts concerning their future . At the end of the summer project, some loud and proud voices of participants were heard -

“I used to be confident back in Afghanistan, but with recent experiences at home I lost that confidence, but Mixit helps me to find it”

“I was very nervous when I first came and now, I’m not. This made my confidence go from down on the floor to up in the sky”

“I don’t get the opportunity to talk and express what really matters to me, but I found that Mixit gives me that space”

Like the rest of the world, we are all dealing with the uncertainty around Covid, and we were concerned about a limitation on the number of people allowed to gather for a public performance. So we made the call to document the full January creative process and a short film was made.

The beautifully captured final film – VOICES was premiered in July. We also showed a historic Mixit film TEN – that showcased our first ten years 2006 – 2016. This was inspiring to all the current Mixers, helping them feel connected to all those who have gone before them. Additionally the Alumni, Youth Leaders and team created a unique live performance for the occasion called GOING PLACES.

Through the Film Premiere event, we relived the moments of electric connection between each other and got an amazing opportunity to share the celebrations with families, friends and donors. There is one part in the TEN film where a Mixer recognizes Mixit as her second home. To see that resonate with so many youth with different languages, cultures, and stories is very powerful as they still all feel the same. We could see Mixers’ excitement to see themselves on the big screen and feel the growth they experienced from being a part of the Mixit activities. The film event was one of a kind where donors got to meet the youth and see the impact, they have had through Mixit world.

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